Solar Panels Monocrystalline Flexible 1000W

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Used For: Car RV Boat Home Roof Vans Camping 12V 24V Solar Battery

Type: Solar Panel

Solar Generator: Solar Panel For Home

Size: 1050*540*3mm

Short circuit current(Isc): 6.87A

Power Bank Solar: Solar Panels

Open circuit voltage(Voc): 19.2V

Number of Panels: 1

Number of Cells: 32pcs

Nominal Capacity: 100W

Model Number: 100 Watts Solar Panel

Maximum power voltage(Vmp): 16V

Maximum power current(Imp): 6.25A

Max. Power: 100W

Material: Monocrystalline Silicon

Foldable Solar Panel: No

Flexible Solar Panel: Yes

Energia Solar: Panneau Solaire

Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

Cell efficiency: 21%

Brand Name: xinpuguang

12V Solar Panels: 12V 100W Solar Panel

1000W Solar Panels Photovoltaic Power Generation System Flexible Monocrystalline Paneles 100 Watts Solar Panel High Efficiency

Maximum power(Pmax)              100W

Output tolerance                   ± 3%

Maximum system voltage            700V DC

Open circuit voltage(Voc)             19.2V

Short circuit current(Isc)             6.87 A

Maximum power voltage(Vmp)        16V

Maximum power current(Imp)         6.25A

Cell efficiency                      21%

Operating temperature(NOCT)     45±2℃

Temperature range                 -40℃~+80℃

Number of cells                    32pcs

Weight                           1080g

Size                             1050*540*3 mm

Color                            Black

Standard Test Conditions : lrradiance 1000w/m^2,Temperature 25℃, AM=1.5


1.Select high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the power

generation efficiency is about 1.2 times that of conventional

polysilicon, and the overall area is smaller at the same power.

2.Using the latest component packaging technology, thinner, lighter, softer and longer life.

3.The surface is made of PET and treated with a special process, which

is more wear-resistant and improves the absorption efficiency of


4.With high light transmittance, safe and reliable, not afraid of high temperature, no danger of burning or explosion.

5.The junction box adopts IP67 waterproof design, contains bypass diode,

and the circuit adopts overcharge and reverse current protection design.

6.Use photovoltaic special cable and MC4 connector, outdoor use is safe,

waterproof, high temperature resistance and weather resistance. MC4

connector is easy to use, plug and play.

7.This product is a solar module. It is recommended to be used with

controllers and batteries. It can be used in various scenarios such as

households, camping, RVs, yachts, street lights and solar power


Packing listing:(according to your choice)

1 pcs 100w solar panel (100W)


1. 2 pcs 100w solar panel (200W)


1. 5 pcs 100w solar panel (500W)


1. 10 pcs 100w solar panel (1000W)